Purchasing Trends and Intentions in Mining in Europe and the Former Soviet Union, 2015

Purchasing Trends and Intentions in Mining in Europe and the Former Soviet Union, 2015

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Overall trends in the data revealed:

The outlook for future expenditure on mining equipment and services is positive. Whilst the majority of respondents expect no change in spend, over a quarter plan to increase expenditure in all areas, including plant and heavy equipment, maintenance services, equipment parts and components and explosives, blasting materials and chemicals, with best opportunities for suppliers in Scandinavia and the former Soviet Union.

Outright purchase is the most common purchasing method. Some 68% of respondents nominated outright purchase as the method they use for heavy mining equipment. This was the dominant method of procurement, with all other methods being used by fewer than 20% of respondents in each case.

Challenges in sourcing the right products are related to supplier attributes and capabilities. Some 67% of respondents identified that their biggest challenge when sourcing the right products were factors related to supplier attributes and capabilities, such as the availability of spare parts and on-time delivery.

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The survey is based on responses from 100 senior managers and decision makers at European and former Soviet Union mines, responsible for the purchase of equipment for plant within mine operations, along with its consumables. Survey respondents came from 23 different countries: Albania, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. This included 4 different commodity groups and a range of surface and underground mining operations.

This report provides a detailed analysis of purchasing methods and expected expenditures for European and the former Soviet Union mines. Areas of...

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