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there are many similar questions here just like this, answers have god, and love things like that!!!!

but for some one who doesnt care about god, think by having as broad minded as you can be, money and love hummm

do you think the one whom you love or the one who loves u,, will be with u if you dint had enough money to take care of them!!!

happyness ( i know it's i, but i like will smith lol), it doesnt come without money, i mean u have good life, family and friends.... do you think it will be possible without money

if you had to choose one thing in today's world what will it be??

i think it will be money!!!

love- what will u feed ur love if u dont have enough money,

how will u be happy if u dont have money

and god- i dont care about something which is not proven so wont talk about it!!

but thinks about this and give ur thoughts!!!

remember money is the key to all success

Sooo....you're convinced that everything that exists (the elements, DNA, stars, planets, moons, light, dark, people,animals, insects, etc.) came about because of MONEY?
Even if the most brilliant minds this, or any other,world has ever known could be brought together with unlimited funds (MONEY) they could not create a single seed to produce a single blade of grass. Nature itself is PROOF of GOD.
Money is a tool.
Nothing more, nothing less. It is amoral (neither good nor bad). It can be used for miraculous good (ie a scalpel in the hands of an expertly skilled surgeon), or the most unimaginably sadistic evil (the same scalpel in the hands of
a twisted torturer).
If you wish to do good with your "tools", I hope you get plenty.
Otherwise I pray that you and all who think like you get a grip on reality, or be destitute.
Money won't bring you joy, and neither will poverty. Happiness is superficial, can be taken away. Joy is deep, is given by GOD, can't be changed by things that "happen" (hap...py).
BTW GOD is Love.

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