Purpose of Joing Alliance for Mba

Purpose of Joing Alliance for Mba

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I’m a corporate employee mostly into management and coordination.
I increasingly understand the need for sharpening my skills in these aspects to be competent in this corporate world.

My focused academic interest is in Finance. I’m looking forward for an in depth knowledge and training in Finance sector. Two major things I look for in my institute is its academic excellence and it’s professional relevance. And that alliance is my best choice. The mode of training, the curriculum and the subjects has already rouse my interest in the institute.

My basic objective to opt for this program is to gain knowledge and training with relevance to the professional requirements of this 21st Century. My purpose is to get the best breakthrough in finance sector once I come out of this premier institute. A challenging career in one of the world’s best company is my aim and that makes my choice for alliance.

At par with this objective, its my social life that I need to balance to have a happy life. The knowledge I acquire, the trainings I undergo, the skills I develop will mould me well only in a sound cultural environment. All these will go in vain if the individual in me doesn’t develop.

At the end of two years of up gradation and transformation at alliance I would like to get myself placed aloof in society as a professional, social and responsible being.

Also would like to mention that its not money that makes everything, but nothing much can be made without money.
A single person can make a big change. But essential conditin is the presence of this single person. lets get equipped to be the change catalyst of our group.

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