Pursuing Criminal Justice Online

Pursuing Criminal Justice Online

Last Saturday I decided to visit my friend Jennifer to tell her the exciting
news, about how I am pursing my degree in Criminal Justice online at Axia College. She asked me
how are my classes online, and can I really obtain a degree online. I explained to her that there are instructors, homework, assigned reading material, classmates, and class discussions.

My classroom is an online forum. This is where my instructor, classmates, and I log in to communicate with one another. We receive our instructor’s assignments and topics for discussion in the forum. Then, the students complete their work or discuss the topic giving feedback to one another.

For our discussion topics we use what’s called a threaded discussion. The instructor post the discussion question, and we respond to it. There is a chance some of us are logged on at the same time, but most of us are on at different times. This form of conversation is called asynchronous communication.

I also told her about the University Library and how easy it is to use. You are able to look up things much more efficiently in the library than you are on Google. For instance when you get into the library you can go into article databases and then go into EBSCOhost and type in what you are looking for, it will help you find it quickly and much more efficiently. It will also find many more articals that has your key words in it. That way you have many different items to help you find what you need for an assignment.

My favorite part is the Center for Mathematics Excellence. There you can be tutored in math and be helped with your math anxiety's. And my other favorite one is the Center for Writing Excellence. In the Center for Writing Excellence there are tutorials, writing manuals, Plagiarism Checker. There you can submit a paper and after it is examined it will tell you if it is a copy of someone else's paper.

Jennifer was so Impressed that she has decided to go back to school thru Axia and she is very...

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