Putting Rules Into Place for Structure

Putting Rules Into Place for Structure

Rules are put into place for structure. When one has structure in one's life it

makes it easier to live in organization. It is important to follow these rules

because they put discipline in one's life and when you are disciplined people will

look up to you and respect you more as person. The discipline behind rules

helps you to do the right thing always no matter how hard it may be, and no

matter how fun it may look. They help you do the right thing everytime. The

consequences behind the rules are simple. You do something that you are not

supposed to do then you will be suffering the consequences of your actions.

When you are deployed to Iraq, for example, if you disobey and break the rules

you could get one of your battle buddies killed and then you will have to live with

that for the rest of your life and not only that but the punishments that will come

along with it from the military. When you mess up you need to man up and take

responsibility for your mess up. Which brings me to my next reason to follow

rules. Responsibility plays a big role, a huge role in rules. When you are put into

a leadership role you are basically being told that you seem like a squared away

soldier and that you can handle the stress and when you are in a leadership

position you are expected to not only follow the rules that were placed for your

guidance but you are also expected to set rules out for other soldiers to

follow. When you do not follow the rules that were placed before you that is

basically a slap in your superiors face, and when soldiers do not follow your rules

that you set out that is basically a slap in your face, so why would you disrespect

your superiors if you do not want your soldiers to disrespect you. Respect is a

two way street and when you listen and do the right thing then you will basically

be left alone with no problems from anybody. Another reason why you should


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