Pvt Freimarck

Pvt Freimarck

Following Orders

In the Marine Corps it is always important to follow the orders of your NCO’s, SNCO’S, and CO’S, because that is how the Corps stays strong. Not every order that is given to a troop by their NCO will be agreed with but it doesn’t matter, something that a basic troop might think is stupid might have a more serous effect then they can see. Some thing a simple and aggravating a going to grease up or top off the fluids in the MK28 can save many hours that could be spent out in the middle of no where when the truck breaks down. You could be using that time to prepare your unit or equipment for there next deployment by doing PM’s or PT.

The NCO’s should be worried about the welfare of there troops or there section of work, not making sure that the orders that they gave to the troops are being followed through with. It is once again another waist of time that the NCO could be using on something else more important. Most every order that is passed down from an NCO to there troops is coming from some one higher up n the chain of command like the platoon Gysgt or the company commander, both are some kind of officer and so is the NCO. The Gysgt is a SNCO which is a Staff non commissioned OFFICER and a NCO is a non commissioned OFFICER, the company commander is always some kind of an actual officer. All a three are officers. But if the SNCO or the CO pass an order or task down to the NCO, the NCO cant usually question them and has to get the job done no matter if the agree with it or not. So ever order that is given from NCO should be taken as an order fro, the CO. Not that it should matter any way because the normal fleet troop holds no billet and is in no position to question to question a NCO.

Every Pvt, Pfc and Lcpl signed a contract and swore a statement that said in it, that they would obey every lawful order that was given to them by one of the Marines that was appointed a higher rank or billet then them. No where in that contract or...

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