PWC 2016 Calendar

PWC 2016 Calendar

2016 Tax

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2016 Holidays

Group A



New Year’s Day (Friday)

1 January

Additional special non-working day (Saturday)

2 January

Chinese New Year (Monday)

8 February

Anniversary of EDSA People Power Revolution

25 February

Banking institutions
Insurance and pension funding
Non-bank financial intermediation
Activities auxilliary to financial
Water transport
Hotels and restaurants

Maundy Thursday

24 March

Land transport

Good Friday

25 March

Group B

Black Saturday

26 March

Araw ng Kagitingan (Saturday)

9 April

Labor Day (Sunday)

1 May

Independence Day (Sunday)

12 June

Eid’l Fitr (Friday) *

8 July

Martyrdom of Benigno Aquino (Sunday)

21 August

National Heroes Day (Monday)

29 August

Eidul Adha (Tuesday) *

13 September

Additional special non-working day (Monday)

31 October

All Saints’ Day (Tuesday)

1 November

Bonifacio Day (Wednesday)

30 November

Additional special non-working day (Saturday)

24 December

Christmas Day (Sunday)

25 December

Rizal Day (Friday)

30 December

Last day of the year (Saturday)

31 December

* Date varies based on Islamic Calendar

Metallic ore mining

Non-metallic mining and quarrying

Group C

Retail sale
Wholesale trade and commission trade
Sale, maintenance, repair of motor
Sale of automotive fuel
Collection, purification and distribution
of water
Computer and related activities

Real estate activities

Group D

Air transport
Electricity, gas, steam and hot water
Postal and telecommunications
Publishing, printing and reproduction of
recorded media...

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