Seminar Activity

This is a continuation of last week's exercises. Please work through the following web site building exercises. Be sure to save what you produce on a disk, for future use! This week's seminar will again be held in G159.

The following may be good places to look in order to support the evaluation of and the creation of web sites:

(has lots of useful articles on usability)


(good stuff on graphics and other useful design ideas)

Web Building Exercise 5
BuildWeb Task5.doc (42 Kb)

Web Building Exercise 6
BuildWeb Task6.doc (26.5 Kb)

Web Building Exercise 7
BuiildWeb Task7.doc (282.5 Kb)

A Challenge

Once you have finished the above, try the following activity to challenge yourself.

Right click on this link and select 'open in a new window'. You will open up a small web page I have created for this exercise. From your web browser's menu now select VIEW and then SOURCE. You will now see the html code for this web page. Save the code as testpage.txt to your data stick or hard drive (this will allow you to open it with Microsoft Notepad).

You have just stolen the html code for a web page. But don't worry, I don't mind.

Now examine the code to see how it determines exactly where text and images appear when looked at using Internet Explorer. Notice that tables are used to set positions. The number or rows and columns and the size of tables is determined by what are called 'tags' (a sort of html short hand).

In notepad, make the images appear elsewhere on your page by altering the code. Also, include some additioanl text, and maybe some lkinks, by inserting the appropriate code into your document. After each change, save your file as a html file (testpage.html) and view it using Internet Explorer. You might also want to capture some more pictures from the real...