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The Unifi Anniversary

20 March 2013, the Unifi Anniversary starts in the Tropicana City Mall.

This activity is about the Unifi 3 anniversary, and this activity’s full name is Unifi Anniversary—Business Made Easy.

The Unifi is a network operator that it belongs to the Malaysia’s largest communications company—TM, and the Unifi also has the so large number of customers and the fastest network speed in Malaysia.

Though the Unifi is only have the three years old, but because of their good service they are very popular with people.

The celebration is not only in order to celebrate three anniversary of Unifi, but also to close the relationship with the Unifi customers and promote the Unifi to develop more customers, the manager of Unifi Anniversary said.

The activity start the 10am to 10qm, and the ceremonial celebration start the 6pm.

This activity organizer invited two famous hosts that Julie Woon from the HOST TV and Prem DJ from the Fly FM, and their arrival make the activity’s atmosphere get the highest point.

There is not only one company to take part in this activity, and the Yellow Pages, Menara KL, TM Autopay, Marketing tools also take part in this activity.

The activities began in the all people’s dance; the hot music and hot dace attract more and more people join this activity.

In the activities site, the Unifi staffs cut the birthday cake to wish the Unifi happy birthday, and also hope the Unifi give people more and more convenient in the future.

In this activity, the Unifi is not only provided the free water and food to everyone present, but also provided the very big gifts to luck Unifi customers.

The host auction seven Ipad Mini to Unifi customers, this customer just use the about 700 RM to get the Ipad Mini.

Anyu, a Unifi customers said: “ I use the Unifi before 3 years, it have the best network speed.”

“ I download the movies, songs, games, its speed is always give me surprise.”

“ Today I am so luck,...