Qnt 561 Syllabus

Qnt 561 Syllabus

QNT/561 Applied Business
Research and Statistics
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Course Description
This course prepares students to apply statistics and probability concepts to business decisions. Students learn important
criterion for developing effective research questions, including the creation of appropriate sampling populations and
instruments. Other topics include: descriptive statistics, probability concepts, confidence intervals, sampling designs, data
collection, and data analysis--including parametric and nonparametric tests of hypothesis and regression analysis.

Course Dates
Mar 29, 2016 - May 09, 2016

Faculty Information
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Marlene Casel (PRIMARY)
(775) 971-8882

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Academic Resources
• Writing and Style Guidelines (APA)

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Writing and Style Guidelines
• Links Library

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Links Library
• Acknowledgements

The following people contributed to the development of QNT/561 and we extend our thanks to them for their valuable
Subject Matter Expert:
B. John Shrewsbury, Ph.D. is a data scientist with over 20 years of experience in both information systems and
marketing. Dr. Shrewsbury received his MBA and an MS in Information Systems from...

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