Qrb Course

Qrb Course


QRB Course: Shaping Our Future
Emily E. Unruh
University of Phoenix

Jeffrey Gordon
November 02, 2008

QRB Course: Shaping Our Future
The Quantitative Reasoning for Business Review (QRB) course is designed to develop analytical skills as a manager in the decision making process. Students learn quantitative reasoning skills to solve business problems and analyze data using a variety of analytical tools and techniques. The skills taught in this course are the foundations of future MBA courses.
The QRB course prepares a student of what to expect in a midlevel management position. According to University of Phoenix MBA Matrix (2008), the student will learn subject matter such as reasoning skills, problem analysis, analytical tools and techniques, various formulas, time value of money, and the measures of uncertainty. These skills are beneficial in all areas of business management.
According to University of Phoenix Quantitative Reasoning for Business Overview (2008), a student will learn the skills necessary for applying the order of operations in solving problems, identifying dependent and interdependent variables, solving equations, using time data to forecast, constructing frequency distribution, etc. These skills are the foundation for understanding and applying concepts and practices in economics, accounting, operations, and research.
Reasoning and problem analysis skills prepare a student for dealing with any situation that can arise, such as budgeting, supply and demand curves, and cost analysis. Analytical tools and techniques prepare a student to foresee problems that may arise and create solutions.
The skill foundation a student learns from the QRB course opens the door for the student to learn more in the future MBA courses. The student knows what to expect in these courses and prepared to learn more about each subject.

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