Class: A2 High quality class
Banking & Finance Faculty

Essay No 1
Draft No 1

Qualities a person need to become successful in today’s world cannot be learned at university or similar academic institution.

The more advanced the human soceity is , the more qualification it expects from the public. A lot of individuals, therefore, think that the knowledge gained from college is of insufficient to achieve a prosperous life. However, in my opinion, these experience indeed play the key role in people’s career forward.
To begin with some obvious advantages that students obtain from university like professional savvy, new relationships which are very necessary to build up a firm foundation for the future .As the matter of fact that of the estimated six billion people in the world ,there are just roundly zero point one percent is inborn genius who can reach high success without school assistance; thus, attending teritiary education is actually a great choice for the most soceity as a whole to become successful.
In addition, many essential soft skills can be taken shape and perfected through the studying time in university. For instance, communication skill and teamwork skill are used to be mentioned in classroom in order to improve cooperation between students to complete assigns from lecturers; hence, students have a chance to prepare for their demanding tasks, to behavior wisely toward their colleagues in future work by influencing these skills. It is, accordingly, one of the first right steps to speed up anyone’s successful career, along with one’s professional issues.
As a matter of fact that without career guidance acquired in university, people may easily deviate and get to no destination, let alone a resounding result .University is truly the best vocational environment where students can be oriented to creat suitable initiatives, gain benefits from direct...

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