quality plan

quality plan

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IT Solutions
NSA Capstone
Quality Management Plan

Prepared By: Niki Scott, Mike Lucas, Prentiss Brock & Justin Ordonez
Date of Publication: 01/28/2015

Revision History
Revision Notes
Justin Ordonez
Purpose & Scope, Quality Plan Objectives, & Deliverables
Justin Ordonez

Final Revisions on all Parts

Table of Contents

Purpose and Scope 1
Quality Plan Objectives 1
Deliverables Produced 1
Identify Metrics: 1
Test Checklist: 1
Results: 1

Purpose and Scope
This section will describe the purpose and focus of the quality management plan document. This should be a high-level view. Remember, the focus is on ways to deliver a quality product.
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Quality Plan Objectives
The objectives of quality management typically entail determining how to ensure the product will be of acceptable quality. Objectives may include adherence to specific laws/regulations/codes and a testing checklist.
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This project will meet the following objectives:
Objective 1 The Project will meet Orange Creek’s operational expectations.
Objective 2 The Project will provide a reliable network infrastructure.
Objective 3 All hardware will adhere to regulations and codes.

Deliverables Produced
All projects have deliverables, whether a design, documentation, or a tangible product. In this section, describe the deliverables of the project. Provide enough explanation and detail that the reader will be able to understand what is being produced. In this case, this will most likely entail a specific test plan, specific metrics to achieve, and documentation of how this plan was followed. Each of these should be specific and tangible.
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Identify Metrics:
Deliverable description: We want...

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