Quality Strategy Management

Quality Strategy Management

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Quality System Management

Dr Pavlos Stavrakakis



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In quality audit report, author is trying to evaluate the strategic objective of the company which is in pharmaceutical logistic business name is Sigma Pharmaceutical Plc, Watford, UK. Author carried out quality audit at service department of the company to improve quality of services, to finding gap in different department respectively packing & dispatch, assembling, filler and Tele-sales department in standard level of company’s customer services. Result of quality audit, author made recommendation and implementation with specific time frame work.

Company background

Sigma Pharmaceuticals provides medicines and medical supplies to the UK's pharmacies and hospitals. The company offers more than 4,000 product lines, focusing on generic and over-the-counter drugs and serves more than 5,000 clients. One of the largest and most trusted Pharmaceutical Wholesalers in the UK with daily distribution to over 4000 retail pharmacies. Sigma involves parallel importing; the company buys generic medications abroad and repackages them for sale in the UK. Company also engage in couple of business including travel, photo, and mobility businesses. The company was founded in 1975 by its managing director, Bharat Shah (Sigma, 2009a).

Organization’s strategic objective
Operational and administrative processes share several characteristics. Both involve sequences of linked, interdependent activities that together transform into outputs. Both have beginnings and ends, with boundaries that can be denned with reasonable precision and minimal overlap. And both have consumers, who may be internal or external to the organization. The primary...

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