Quantative Reasoning

Quantative Reasoning

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Quantitative Reasoning Self-Assessment

Frank A. Cruz

University of Phoenix

As a future manager, Quantitative Reasoning would assist me in the direction and

technique on how to run a business and properly organize it. It would help me to support

my development of analytical skills as a manager and apply the tools necessary to make

business decisions effectively and efficiently.

Taking a look at the mathematical equations and formulas, tools, probability

calculation and forecasting, I am very excited to see that so many important

skills that a manager needs to be proficient and the Quantitative Reasoning for Business

course seem to cover them and will assist me to a better job by developing these expertise

and tools. For example, setting a baseline and evaluating our performance against it; the

ability to collect and use data from past years, calculating and predicting forecast for

future goals; setting a standard or borderline for drop in sales before looking into

changes; being able to identify if a the procedure is out of control and to effectively

balance risk and return with our investment choices will definitely help me not only in

my job but also any upcoming courses in the master’s of business administration

program related to economics, corporate finance, and applied business research and


Quantitative Reasoning not only teaches the mathematical and analytical skills but

also employ graphs and charts to help identify the problem and solution with a visual

understanding. This is critical for a person like me who is a visual learner and learns

more quickly from graphs rather than just looking at the mathematical equations. It

appears to be difficult and complicated but useful and effective at the same time. I am

looking forward to learning aspects of running a successful business.

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