Quantitative Reasoning for Business

Quantitative Reasoning for Business

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Running head: Self-Reflection: QRB

Quantitative Reasoning for Business
Josh Perkins
University of Phoenix

Quantitative Reasoning for Business
One can think of Quantitative Reasoning as a way to solve real life business problems using mathematics. This course will prepare me to make factual decisions. To be successful, one must be confident in his or her ability to read, understand, and apply quantitative date to come up with a business solution.
By looking at the University of Phoenix course program QRB will help me prepare for courses such as economics, accounting, finance, and operations. The course will prepare me for economics because it applies different economic concepts to make management decisions. I can learn about supply and demand, opportunity costs, market structure, and resources. In economics one must look at a chart of data and be able to dissect the numbers. In accounting courses one must look at finance statements, budgets, and overall numbers of the company. QRB will play a big role in finance as one learns methods to evaluate financial alternatives and create financial plans. According to the operations course QRB helps prepare us for evaluating different business processes, business forecasting, and implementing new products.
Going through the QRB is a good way to refresh since it has been a few years since my last of the mentioned courses. I start to think more analytically instead of just looking at the numbers. Throughout my life I heard the comment “When will I ever use math in the future?” or “Why do I have to learn math?” Up until this point I have not used equations or applied myself mathematically. This QRB course helps me answer the questions I have heard my entire life. Now I can take the equations and different functions and apply them into daily activities. In order to move up in the company I need to think like a manager. I need to understand the numbers and what those numbers mean, and make...

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