Quest for Unification

Quest for Unification

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Quantum Mechanics and Theory of General Relativity is a two brother from a single family but they never get along. The quest of unification of these two brothers lead by Albert Einstein has never been looked upon for nearly half a century until Stephen Hawkins is on the verge of making a breakthrough with his string theory. Quest of unification is very essential for understanding the university.

Stephen Hawkins’s theory defies all the molecular existence of the world, in simple terms, overthrows the Quantum Mechanics and Theory of General Relativity. The three dimension world we are subsisting in will not hold true. There are more than just three dimension of an object. Simple analogy is guitar string. It doesn’t vibrate in only three dimensions, does it? It vibrates in more than 3 dimensions in any dimension.

Strings are so microscopic in nature that it is beyond the human visibility. If you can’t see, it is simply a philosophy. For something that we cannot see… should we believe in it and change the principle of the world or shall we wait again for someone to make a breakthrough discovery?

Who’s paves the path for us is about to happen!!! Are we living in a world that we are still unable to understand the fundamentals of its existence? If the former theory is to be proven wrong, is our understanding to the universal existence not sufficed? We are stand not very far away from the middle of a road which might show us the right way this time!!!

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