Question 30

Question 30

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There is a time that we met difficulties and we have to overcome it, but sometimes we do not have enough power and ability to overcome the obstacle in out path. Therefore, when other people have trouble to overcome the obstacles they are facing, then we should help them. These two articles tell us about how did Larry, the lifesaver and Hazel, the master runner has grown from participating in competitive in sports. Both character had absorbed the idea that in any situation, competition or not, usually helping others succeed feels pretty much like winning yourself, or better. Out of both of these stories, I think Larry learns more and have better understanding on the idea of helping others feels better than winning yourself.

Larry in “Lawrence (Larry) Lemieux Lifesaver” learns that sometimes it is not about winning the race, but how you act during the race. Larry set his whole life to be a sailor. When he was still a teenager, he already gains the silks to sail well from all the races that he competed. He keeps on trying, and does not give up, even when he loses. He learns how to know the weather and water to save capsized boat. For example, he knows how to find “the 470’s rudder, so they’d be able to turn the boat over”. Larry wants to win the gold in the Olympic game for his country. As expected, he got the first place in the Olympics. However, he sacrifices his placement in the Olympics to save two stranded sailors’ lives.

On the other hand, Hazel is a talented runner. She learned how to be a good runner and trained herself for a long time. She has her own way to get ready that psyches her to win, she thinks herself is being light as a feather. As a result of her training, she won most of the games she has attended. Later, Hazel’s brother, Raymond doesn’t have all the fun that Hazel has from running. She realizes that her brother needs that in his life, and maybe he has the potential to be a good runner in the future. Then, she sets out to help Raymond’s...

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