ART 1113 Chapter 6 Study Questions

This assignment is to help you understand the major concepts of the chapter. It is not the only resource you should study. Answer the following questions and define all the terms. Read the lecture and the chapter(s) in your textbook. Do not just look up all the terms in the glossary. You will not find all the answers. When you are finished, save this file to your computer and upload to the Canvas assignment.

1. The material we associate closely with drawing is paper. It was invented by the Chinese around 105 C.E.

2. Which drawing technique was a predecessor of the graphite pencil and was popular during the Renaissance? metalpoint

3. The graphite pencil is the most common of all drawing media.

4. In metalpoint, lines are drawn with a silver wire.

5. What is the title of the pencil drawing by Chris Ofili? Prince among Thieves with Flowers

6. Pastel is made of pigment bound with a non-greasy binder.

7. The coloring material in almost all drawing media is known as pigment.

8. Henri Matisse’s Dahlias, Pomegranates, and Palm uses dry (dry, liquid) media.

9. The use of different binders will cause a difference in the color and consistency of crayons and pastels.

10. Pen and ink are an example of a sketching medium in drawing.

11. Contemporary artist, Gary Simmons, specializes in watercolor and chalk.

12. Read p. 141 to discover ways Leonardo da Vinci explored ideas through drawing. Explain. Art mathematics science and engineering. He was a very diverse drawer

13. What is the “nib” of the pen? Part of a quill

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