Questionnaire on Maggi

Questionnaire on Maggi

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The research will be carried out in the form of a survey. This will include primary research in addition to secondary research as stated below. The survey research method will be descriptive research design. Each respondent will be interviewed through a Questionnaire. The sample will be selected by a simple random sampling method.

The survey will address the following information area:

Information Areas:

The objective as spelt out can be elaborated into specific information areas to be studied.

➢ How do customers perceive Maggi as a stable brand, their perception of noodles and how do they associate themselves with Maggi?
➢ Are the consumers aware of Maggi Brand or they associate noodles with some other brand?
➢ Which product from the entire basket of Maggi products do the consumers consider as the best selling product for Maggi and to which the consumers frequently buy?
➢ Are the consumers willing to accept Maggi brand extensions to some other products like chocolate, juices, chips etc?

Brand Perception is the buzzword used by the business people for the success of organization in the present days. Brand is essentially the sum of all experiences related to the product, service, and companies that make and deliver the product. Brand perceptions are shaped by functional experiences (i.e. speed, quality, reliability, ease of use) as well as emotional experiences (i.e. make me feel better, improve my performance, make my life/job more gratifying or easier) the customer associates with the product and company.
Brand experiences and perceptions are developed over time through a variety of sources, including:
• Previous experience with the brand
• Interactions with sales, customer service, and other employees

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