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I, Revathy Mohan student of De Paul Institute of Science And Technology, is conducting a study on “Effectiveness of Human Resource Training” at Hedge Equities as per the academic requirement of the university. I kindly request you to fill the necessary details asked below (Please answer the questions by a tick mark). I also assure that the details of the questionnaire will not be used for any external purpose.
Particulars of Respondents
Age: - Gender:-
1) For how long have you been working for this company?
Less than 1 year
1-5 years
5-10 years
More than 15 years
2) What types of training programme is undergone here?
On- the job training
Off- the job training
Case study
Class room training
3) Do you think whether learning occurs without a formal training course?
Yes No
4) Does training helps to improve employee- employer relationship?
Yes No

5) Does training helps to increase the motivation level of employees?
Yes No
6) Does training enable employees more productive?
Yes No

7) Does the management give importance to Strategic Training?
Yes No
8) Whether training and developmental practices support business goals of the organization?
Yes No

9) Does training practices help the organization to reduce the costs of human resources?
Yes No
10) Does the management give importance to Cost- Effective Training?
Yes No

11) Whether the management use new technologies for training the employees?
Yes No
12) Does the management introduce developmental methods for training the employees?
Yes No

13) Do the training practices help the employees in improving their career?
Yes No
14) Does the training course include the special challenges faced by managers and or officers?
Yes No

15) Does the management conduct formative evaluation to improve the training process?
Yes No
16) Does the training program enable the employees to...

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