Questions About Euthanasia

Questions About Euthanasia

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1.What is the issue and why is it important?
It’s the assisted suicide of people and it is important issue because it has controversy over weather it should be allowed and weather it should only be allowed to happen to people who have a certain death in lots of pain.

2.Who will be affected by the desciion?
The family of the person and the police who have to see if it actually assisted suicide and not a murder. the people that are doing the assisted suicide.
3. What are the possible choices, and what is there a likely choice of each one?

4.What do my family and friends advice?
Most say not to but others say its there body and its themselves. They peopld who want to do this are going to die anyway very soon so why not get it over with.
5. What is suggested in the words and teachings of Jesus?
That euthanasia is wrong because every person is valuable and no one is great any of the viruses of faith, hope and justice relate to this situation?
Hope because there is hope that the person will die without pain and the person doing the assisted suicide won’t go to gaol.

7.what does the church relate to this issue?
Weather the person is to go to heaven or the assisted suicide is the complete wrong and wont go to heaven, and will it be considered a sin for doing the assisted suicide.

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