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Introducing Psych Ch 8 Quiz 1

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A person’s subjective experience of the world and the mind is:
a. consciousness.
b. unconsciousness.
c. the brain.
d. the mind.

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The difficulty we have in perceiving the consciousness of others is called the:
a. problem of consciousness.
b. problem of other minds.
c. mind-body problem.
d. cocktail party phenomenon.

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Consciousness can be described as consisting of four basic properties, which are:
a. unity, selectivity, syllogism, and transcience.
b. intentionality, unity, selectivity, and transcience.
c. selectivity, transcience, syllogism, and dreams.
d. intentionality, unity, selectivity, and dreams.

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After Ginger fell on stage during her dance recital she actively tried not to think about it. According to the rebound effect, this would ____ the chances that the thought of herself falling on stage will return to Ginger’s consciousness.
a. decrease
b. increase
c. hold constant
d. not affect

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According to Freud, repression is way for the unconscious to:
a. actively engage and perform conscious desires.
b. remove unacceptable thoughts and desires from conscious thought.
c. allow people to say unconscious desires and impulses without feeling ashamed.
d. create new memories based on previous experiences.

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The body naturally tends to follow a cycle of sleeping and waking that corresponds to:
a. a circadian rhythm of a 24-hour cycle.
b. a simple on/off cycle.
c. a circadian rhythm of a 29-hour cycle.
d. a complex off/on cycle.

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A few hours of sleep deprivation each night can:
a. build up over time causing potentially serious physical and mental harm.
b. reduce mental acuity but otherwise have no effect on the body.
c. improve memory by interrupting the consolidation process.
d. All answers here are correct.

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Troy’s roommates were surprised when they found him walking around the kitchen at 3 in...

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