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This is a questionnaire that has been prepared for your answers regarding a research.

“A study of the sales representative’s job satisfaction at UCIL”

Instruction: The following questions are with regard to demographic of the respondents. Please put a tick mark (√) beside the answer which seems most appropriate to you. Your responses will be subject to strict confidentiality.

1. Sex:
 Male Female

2. Age: 20-25 25-35 35-50 50 - 60 More than 60 years

3. Education level: SSC/O-level HSC/A-level Graduate
Post Graduate PhD Other: ………………….

4. Position : Sales Executive Senior Officer Management Trainee Senior Manager(Sales)

5. Salary Structure (Individual Income, Monthly): 10000-12000 BDT 15000-18000 BDT More than 20000 BDT More than 30000BDT.

6. Experience ( No of years working in the company): 1-2 yrs 2-3 yrs
3-4 yrs More than 5 yrs

7. “Happy workers are invariably productive workers” – do you agree with this statement?

 Yes No Sometimes

8. Do you think that close supervision by the superior authority will impact on the job behavior of a worker?

Positive Negative Neutral

9. “Worker’s satisfaction does influence his job behavior”- the following
Statement is-


10. How would you rate your satisfaction with the following? (According to the importance of the features please RANK in 1 to 5 scale).
• Your overall job satisfaction in your present position _______
• The opportunity to use your skills and abilities in your job_______
• Your sense of accomplishment in your job_______
• The variety of tasks in your job_______
• The morale on your team_______
11. Which type of motivation organization should...