Rabbit Proof Fence Essay

Rabbit Proof Fence Essay

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Physical journeys involve the movement of a person or object from one place to another. In physical journeys, different problems are faced which can be emotional, intellectual and psychological and choices are to be made. Opportunities can challenge the traveller’s thinking and give them doorways to extend themselves physically, intellectually and emotionally. Each problem that is faced along the journey is perceived by travellers in many different ways; however, these obstacles must be overcome. The book ‘The Lucky One’ written by Nicholas Sparks, ‘Mawson: Life and Death in the Antarctic’ directed by Malcolm McDonald, and the film ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ directed by Phil Noyce all have relevance to physical journeys.

Rabbit Proof Fence is a story of three young half-caste girls - Molly, Daisy and Gracie and their bid to escape from their captors. This is a film about a difficult physical journey which showed the ultimate of human survival and spirit. The girls were part of what we now know as the Stolen Generation. The three girls escaped and set off on a 1600km trek, guided by the Rabbit Proof Fence back to Jigalong to be reunited with their family. The danger and uncertainties that the girls encountered during this journey enabled them to grow emotionally through the obstacles and challenges that they faced.

In the stolen scene, a range of filmic techniques are used to define the feelings that the girls’ were experiencing whilst they were being taken away from their home and family. This was a defining moment in the film because it clearly establishes those who have been victimised. The concept that not all journeys are undertaken through choice is evident here. When the car arrived to take away the children, long shots were used to illustrate the imminent danger. Fast tracking shots were also used when the police officer chased the three girls’ and their mothers before he forcefully took them away. These shots convey the physical stress on the girls’ and...

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