Race and My Community: Immigrants and Cultural Diversity

Race and My Community: Immigrants and Cultural Diversity

|University Of phoenix |
|Race and your community |

|Race in your community will include the population in my specific community, the struggles of immigrants, and the merging of races |
|to create the current community. |


When thinking about all of the people that are in my community, and the changes that I have been able to notice as I am getting older and paying more attention to the differences in people, I have noticed that there are a significant amount of different looking people’s have noticed the different attributes to the different cultures that make up my community. Some of the people that are in my community are different skinned like brown or very dark almost a black color and then there are those who are whiter than me almost snow color white, and becoming a more rounded knowledgeable adult I am able to realize that they are still the same hard working people just like me and are looking to better their lives and the lives of their children and families.
Some of the things that I have noticed to be challenging to the immigrants in my community are the different languages every one speaks. Majority of the immigrant in my community are Latino or Mexican and they speak Latin or Spanish. The general population on employers here speaks English. The language barrier in my community is a challenge for both the natives as well as the immigrants. I can see that many people are becoming bilingual in order to become more valuable to employers as well as to make it easier to adjust to the rapid changes of our community.
I am not familiar with the political standings in my community. I do not like...

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