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“Reducing CO2 emissions” by Australian Coal Association, The Age, Thursday November 13 2008

The advertising of “reducing CO2 emissions” recent presents a suggest that each people could do something for failing CO2 production. The writer analyzed the impact of CO2 production in the climate change. The article focuses on how CO2 storages work and the development of carbon capture technology for the CO2 production. As a result, these situation apparently need some institution to make solutions for the problems.

Initial review indicates that this advertisement list a clearly structure about main content, yet to be a publication, there are a few information including evidence, statistics and reference that should be provided.

Firstly, this advertising explores the role of CO2 emissions in the environment and the economy. The explaining provides a good causes about how carbon dioxide influences plants , the oceans and the atmosphere. However, the author neglects to provide detail into the influence with economy. This leaves the reader a sort of confused as to why we should control CO2 emissions in economy. Therefore, the advertisement needs more facts in order to support for evidence.

Although the author tend to offer the solution about the problems , it also lacks specific method or action to fix this global issue. Climate change solution is a good example, Australian Coal Association (2008) argues that they are countertrade on making coal solution and explored renewable energy, but ASA may request more confirmation for their views. In other words, the advertisement could not convince to readers.

In addition, the advertising applies data to support their argument without reference or original source. For example, carbon capture technology notes “The result is CO2 emissions into the atmosphere can be reduced by 80 to 90%.” Since the purpose of data is to persuade the reader to agree with your point, it must be credible statistics.

In summary, the...

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