Rad Tech

Rad Tech

 I am a senior at Bethel Assembly Christian Academy and I am interested in becoming a Rad Tech as my future career. We are writing a research paper for our English class on our chosen vocation. Since you have been a Rad Tech for a while now, would you be willing to help me with my questions and investigation?
Since you are so busy with your career, I have taken the time to prepare a questionnaire which might be of help. I have enclosed two copies since you may wish to keep one for your files and have also enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope.
You time and help with my research will help me tremendously in my plans for the future and for my research paper. Any help that you give me will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Heather Joyner


What is your name?

What made you decide to take an interest in becoming a Radiology Technologist?

How long did you have to go to school to get your degree?

When did you graduate?

Was the job difficult in the beginning?

Is your job very stressful?

What are the largest challenges that come with the job?

What is the starting salary for a Rad Tech?

How long are the hours?

What parts of the job do you like and dislike?

What benefits do a Rad Tech have at their job?


What is your name?

What training does a career in Radiology Technology require?

What natural abilities or interest are needed for a career in becoming a Rad Tech?

Are there jobs available for those that are interested in the profession?

What are some of the advantages of being a Rad Tech?

What are some of the disadvantages?

Why did you choose to become a Rad Tech?

Do you have any advice for someone interested in becoming a Rad Tech? Such as what courses to take, or things to study?

Would you rate the opportunities for advancement as poor, fair, good, or excellent?

What about your job is stressful?...

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