Radio Interview

Radio Interview

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Radio interview

Host- Hello my name is Meghan Lilian an on todays morning show on Speak up we will be talking to some
New south Wales students who are here to talk to us about there Area of study work which was focus on the
concept of belonging today we have Tiffany Pink to talk to us about her study of it.

Student- Good morning Meghan and everyone who is listering i must admit when i first found out that
for our Area of study module we were going to be doing Belonging i thought oh great this is going to be
boring but once we started learning about the different areas and ways that we belong to in our world i
thought this could be fun At first we started to exploer how we belong in books, movies and songs and
things like this we use for our related text we had to find three of these that we could relate them to
belonging before we even look at our prescibed text we were looking for them out prescribed text which
is a verse novel call " The Simple Gift" and by Steven Herrick

Host- Why is The Simple Gift a good prescribed text to study for the area of study module for belonging?

Student- i think it is because a young teenage boy name Billy Luckett is on a quest to find some where or someone
where he feels like he is accepted because all of Billy life he has had nothing but alienation and this is explored in
chapter one.
In chapter one of The Simple Gift we find out about his abusive childhood that he is trying to get away from.
In my related text called "so much to tell you........" it is about a young 14 year old girl named Marina who feels
like she does not belong and isd not accepted by her mother because she does not talk at all you see she has this
journal that she writes everything down in.

Host- it seems like you have a good understanding of Billy and his search for acceptance and belonging.
Does Billy eventually find or feel the sense off acceptance and belonging though out the rest of the verse novel?...

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