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Philippine Short Stories 1957: The Palanca Awards
A Symposium by the Judges

Alfredo T. Morales, Adrian Cristobal and Miguel A. Bernad
Philippine Studies vol. 5, no. 4 (1957): 443–455
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Philippine Short Stories 1951:
The Palanca Awards

I. The Palanca Memorial Awards


Palanca Memorial Awards for literature were founded
seven years ago to honor the memory of Mr. Carlos Palanca
Sr., late president of the distillery firm of La Tondefia Inc.
Awards for short stories were first given in 1951, for one-act
plays in 1954. Since then, awards have been offered annually
in four separate divisions: short stories in English, short stories
in Tagalog, one-act plays in English, one-act plays in Tagalog.
For the short stories, the first prize in each division is a
thousand pesos, the second prize five hundred and the third
two hundred and fifty pesos. For the plays, the first prize in
each division is five hundred pesos. The difference in the
amount is due to the difference in contest rules: no stories are
accepted for the contest except those already published; but no
plays are accepted unless unpublished and unproduced, with
La Tondefia shouldering the expense of publication or production.
Since the contest is...