Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

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vending machine idea, is it that hard to do?

The thing that most high school kids are scared about is being left out and Day
North Carolina teen Kelsey Baker was looking forward to her very first prom, but she was left heartbroken when the upperclassman who invited her told her that he wasn’t coming at the last minute. Kelsey’s mother dragged her to the hamburger joint where her aunt worked to show off how beautiful she looked and there, a teenage employee noticed her tear-stained face. Eighteen-year-old Bryan Hayes decided to turn Kelsey’s night around -- he asked a customer to play music, held out his hand and asked her to dance. The pair danced in the middle of the restaurant with everyone watching – turning Kelsey’s awful night into an amazing experience.

Cyberbullying can drive teens to depression and sometimes, even suicide. Luckily, there are people like California teen Jackie Rosas in the world. Jackie knew that one of the girls she followed on Tumblr had been cyberbullied, so when the girl spoke about taking her own life in a blog post, she knew the situation was serious. Jackie called her local police and supplied them with all of the information she had – even though it wasn’t much. Through frantic detective work, the police were led across the country to New Jersey, where they tracked down the girl’s home. Upon entering, they found her unconscious from ingesting several prescription pills. The girl was transported to the hospital, and is now undergoing psychiatric care. Without Jackie’s notice, they may have never found her in time.
Thousands of people were left without electricity when hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. People allowed strangers to charge their phones to let the relatives know they were alright
Vending Machine treat Somebody decided to make a treat for a stranger and left change for some sweet goodies, taped on a vending machine.

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