Raymond mill for sale with 0.613-0.044mm output size

Raymond mill for sale with 0.613-0.044mm output size

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A client emailed to me for asking a grinding mill machine with the following requirements:
The requirement size after crushing (output size): 0.5-.06 mm
The raw material size before crushing (feeding size): 15mm
The capacity (tons per hour): 1 tph

According to his requirements, a few types are suitable, such as Raymond mill 3R2115, 3R2615. The key factor is other demands. If the needed capacity is not too large, the former is enough.

Raymond mill is a classical grinding mill machine, it can crush all kinds of material which has the hardness less than 7 in Moh’s scale. The output size can reach 0.613 to 0.044 mm, which is enough fine to meet the production demands. The largest capacity is 9 tons per hour. So Raymond mill is a high efficient and practical grinding mill machine, which is worthy trying.

Email: greatwallmails@gmail.com

Raymond mill was widely used into the grinding industry. However, the application of Raymond mill has decreased in recently years. The reasons as follow:
1. The range of material and output size
Raymond mill is mainly used to grinding the materials which with hardness less than 7 in Moh’s scale, and the output size is 30 to 325 meshes, which can not meet modern production requirement. High pressure suspension mill, as a new type grinding mill machine, can grind material with 9.3 in Moh’s scale, and the output size can reach 30 to 425 meshes.
2. The technology limit.
Both in design and new technology of Raymond mill should be improved. New grinding mill machine can short the distance of powder, improve the ratio of finished product, especially for low consumption device. For example, adopted the new spring device, when the grinding roller and ring reach a certain degree of abrasion, we can adjust the length of high pressure spring to keep the constant grinding pressure to guarantee the stable output and fineness.

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