Raymond mill thermal power plant desulfurization Recommended Equipment

Raymond mill thermal power plant desulfurization Recommended Equipment

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Raymond mill thermal power plant desulfurization Recommended Equipment
Thermal power plant desulfurization using limestone as a desulfurization agent , so the limestone grinding essential. Industrial milling equipment , equipment for the processing of limestone Raymond mill , high pressure mill, powder mill and so on. In order to better serve the desulfurization users , the Institute devoted to the study of limestone grinding equipment , launched its own patented product --- Super pressure trapezium mill, also known as 6R large Raymond . Raymond changed using six rolls of production , large -volume production , to fully meet the needs of large-scale power plants .

China's latest patented product 6R large Raymond mill with the international advanced level , after years of painstaking research company experts and the development of innovative , according to the user's use of the mill and recommendations , updated in high pressure hanging roller mill on the basis of improvements designed for the majority of domestic users with a new type , high efficiency , energy-saving high- fine milling equipment, the model uses a trapezoidal face , flexible connection, roll linked pressure boost , etc. five mill patented technology , creating a super pressure trapezium mill is the world's highest level.

Raymond mill for large-scale thermal power and steel companies desulfurization session limestone, lime milling , crushing and screening . Production of the world's largest T190 series of industrial milling machines, limestone , lime crushing and milling of large production particularly suitable . Widely used in the milling process desulfurization of thermal power plants and steel mills , more than 92% desulfurization , easy maintenance, the effect is significant . Our products are exported to Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries and regions , the majority of power plants and steel companies as the " King of Chinese mill " for the cause of environmental protection in...

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