Razy for You

Razy for You

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I try to find the words
to express the feeling in my heart;
I try to show you that I care,
but I don't know where to start.
I guess I'll start right here
and I guess I'll start right now.
I'll tell you that I love you
and I'll tell you why and how.
You are the one I want to lay next to
when my time has passed.
You are the one I've given myself to
and you will be the last.
You are the one I want for life,
until the day I die.
You are the one God sent for me,
to be with me, and that is no lie.
You are the one who brightens my day,
with your smile bright and glowing.
You are the one whom I wake up for
each and every morning.
A pedal to a rose
And everyone knows
It's more that just love
Soring around like a white turtle dove

Tears for joy and tears for pain
I am crazy for you, I’m going insane
It's more than the sound of your sweet gentle name
It’s the love we share the same

Words can't sum up the way that I feel
But I'll definetly say
These feelings are real
And as Sent from above
Im here to give you my undying love

A gaze of your heavenly brown eyes,
a whisper from your enticing lips,
the caress of your comforting hug,
and a taste of your sweet kiss.
All those things helps me through one more day
and makes my life seem worth while.

As you come to me with a casual flow,
I get chills down to the bone. When you run your fingers slowly over me,
I lose all of my self control.

So in closing my dear
I pray I've made it rather clear
You mean everything to me
My sweet heart can't you see
I can't get enough of your endless touch
Oh my sweet baby, I love you so much!
Not even all the riches of the world
would help me make it through a day,
but just a minute spent with you
and my whole world seems okay.

Right or not, for a moment all of me belongs to you:
mind, body, and soul

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