React to Sniper Fire

React to Sniper Fire



To provide rapid reaction procedures for AT/FP guards who receive suspected or real sniper fires.


You are on AT/FP guard duty at an installation gate during a heightened Threatcon. You have written guard orders and a Use of Force card. You also have personnel with packages and/or vehicles who are attempting to enter the area.


You must rapidly seek cover, warn by-standers, and render a SALUTE report to the Sergeant of the Guard. Only employ return fire IAW your Use of Force training. Assist the wounded, and MP, HN police, and the Quick Reaction Force when they arrive.


Training Information Flow

Attacks against U.S. personnel will often involve either attack or infiltration of personnel and weaponry through an installation control point. As the installation’s first line of defense, AT/FP guards may come under weapons fire and must be prepared to react accordingly and IAW with Use of Force guidance as taught in the Use of Force training program of instruction.

CONDITIONS: You are performing AT/FP duties at an installation access point when you hear a loud “pop” and someone yells, “Sniper”!

STANDARD: You must react to sniper fire IAW the following Performance Measures:

Performance Measure 1: Take cover immediately.

Performance Measure 2: Warn bystanders. Tell them to clear the area or seek cover.

Performance Measure 3: Ensure that sniper fire has, in fact, occurred. (Automobile backfires, firecrackers, light flashes, accidental weapons discharges, or distance sounds of firing may all be wrongly identified as sniper fire.)

Performance Measure 4: Inform the Sergeant of the Guard of the situation using the SALUTE report format so that Military Police and/or the Quick Reaction Force can be sent to the scene.

Performance Measure 5: Locate the sniper, if there is one.

a. Try to fix the exact position of the suspected sniper(s).


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