Real Life Expereince of Solving Problems Logically

Real Life Expereince of Solving Problems Logically

Dipali Gandhi

19 June 2008

A Real Life Experience of Solving a Problem

All of us face problems in our day-to-day lives, whether simple or complex, personal or official, or expected or unexpected. Some of us try to find solutions without wasting time, some worry; while some panic and blame others. Even I, as a human being, have faced many problems in life. However, my experience suggests that it is the vision that one needs to change and adopt to handle a difficult situation, instead of worrying or blaming others. Based on this experience, according to Duke Ellington, “a problem is a chance for you to do your best” (Glickman 5). My goal of writing this article is to bring forth the process of identifying a solution for dealing with a difficult situation in life.
To systematically lay down the problem-solving process, I have created five main sections. The first section illustrates one of the embarrassing situations that I have faced till now. Each of the next three sections signifies a sequential step that forms a part of the problem-solving process. These steps are explained in context with the first section for clear and effective comprehension. The fifth section includes the conclusion on this particular topic.

It was evening time and I was in my office busy reviewing a WORD document to be delivered to a client. At 7, 15 minutes before the delivery time, I opened the document to give a final look before mailing to the client. Astonishingly, I observed that the document was unexpectedly edited. I started reading the document and found that at many places, the text was changed. I was shocked; however, I kept my cool and thought of peacefully solving the problem logically although it was closing time.

Identify/Detect a Problem. To solve, you must know what is to be solved or overcome. Therefore, identifying and clearly stating a problem is the first step in the problem solving process. Further, you...

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