Real Rabbit

Real Rabbit

The application of genomic approaches to marine biota has profoundly altered
our understanding of life in the oceans, especially regarding concepts of adaptation,
speciation and evolution. The avalanche of genomic data has provided
an unbiased view of marine biology that has never been seen before. In particular,
comparative and metagenomic approaches with microbes from different
biogeochemical marine provinces provided the first insights into how they
acquire and discard genes as needed, even across kingdom boundaries, in
response to their environment. These data clearly reveal that marine microbes
have remarkable abilities to change their genomes according to both environmental
stresses and biotic interactions. Thus, it is most likely that the flux of
energy and matter in the marine system is reflected by the presence or absence
of genes and proteins in marine organisms, which could provide novel tools to
understand biogeochemical processes of global significance. However, the challenge
is to put the reductionistic knowledge gained by genomics and metagenomics
into the larger contexts of cellular systems and ecosystems to identify
emergent properties that could not have been predicted by breaking down the
whole into its individual parts.
The Velveteen Rabbit
Margery Williams

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Velveteen Rabbit


by Margery Williams
Illustrations by William Nicholson

Garden City New York

To Francesco Bianco
The Velveteen Rabbit

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