Real-Sad-Estate, the Sharks Turn on One of Their Own

Real-Sad-Estate, the Sharks Turn on One of Their Own

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when real estate investors
gamble and win big... they’re savvy,
when they gamble and lose big... they sue.

Fort Myers, January 2009. Federal prosecutors, armed with losing investors, angry business partner(s), a depressed economy and not much else try and win a case that at its core, amounts to nothing more than gamblers remorse and a partner(s) vendetta.

U.S. v Cabrera - The players
• Bear market shark (plaintiff): losing investors & angry business partner(s)
• Pseudo justice shark: prosecutors
• Bull market shark (defendant): Real estate agent, Samir Cabrera
• Jaws: The press
• Unwitting participant: The economy

Spawned by economic fear, investors adopt an all too predictable witch-hunt mentality in hopes of soothing bruised egos and ailing bank accounts by sacrificing one of their own.
The charge of real estate fraud brought on by remorseful investor(s) and a disgruntled business partner(s) against Samir Cabrera is the latest act of cannibalism in an industry based almost entirely on greed, and while I do not support the notion of personal gain derived thru questionable actions or in actions, I do believe it is important to acknowledge the system and mindset that have allowed this type of behavior to flourish. Having said that, I strongly encourage everyone, particularly real estate professionals and stakeholders to review the Cabrera case and as you do substitute Samir Cabrera’s name with yours or that of someone you know. While the events may not be the same, I would venture to guess you might draw some parallels to your own life and business dealings.
The sad truth is Cabrera’s real estate transactions and those of many others, not only exist, but are also accepted and (quietly) condoned in the business as usual landscape of American capitalism.
If we are to hold one accountable, we must hold all accountable.
I also encourage reading the local press coverage (Fort Myers & Naples) fueling the case with blatantly irresponsible third...

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