Realism 1

Realism 1

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May be defined as any philosophical position on that asserts;
1. The objectives existence of the world and beings in it and relations between these beings independent of human knowledge and desires.
2. The know ability of these objects as they are in themselves.
3. The need for conformity to the objective reality in man’s conduct.

Realist refers to those universal elements of man that are unchanging regardless of time, place and circumstance. It is these universal that make up the elements in education of man. According to the realist, education implies teaching, teaching implies knowledge, knowledge is truth and truth is the same everywhere. Hence, education should be anywhere the same.
Aim of Education
The aim of education is to provide the student with the essential knowledge he will need to survive in the natural world.

The realist believes that the most efficient and effective way to find about reality is to study it trough organized, separate and systematically arranged subject matter. This is called the subject-matter approach to curriculum which is composed of two basic components, the body of knowledge and the appropriate pedagogy to fit the readiness of the learner . The liberal arts curriculum and the math science disciplines consist of a number of related concepts that constitute the structure of the discipline.
The teachers are expected to be skilled in both the subject matter that he teaches and the method of teaching it to students. Formal schooling means the transmission of knowledge from experts to the young and immature. The school’s task is primarily an intellectual one. The administrator role is see to it that the teachers are not distracted by recreational and social functions of from performing their intellectual task of cultivating and stimulating the learning of students. In the elementary level, emphasis is on the development of skills for reading, writing, arithmetic and...

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