Reasearch Activitiy

Reasearch Activitiy

University of Phoenix Material

Research Skills Activity

Below you will find ten topics. For each topic, find an appropriate document using the various databases provided in the University Library’s Online Collection. Please note that there will not always be just one document associated with each topic. Instead, you will want to choose the best document for your needs from the search results.
Copy the abstract (summary) of each document you find into a document or message that you will then submit to your instructor. If an abstract is not available, copy the first paragraph. Please note that copy and paste from PDF files is not possible. For these documents, use the abstract found in the initial search results.
Make sure to include the full APA style citation (information about where the article or other document was published, including title, author, date, etc.) in addition to the first paragraph.

Please note the following:
You may not use Internet search engines such as Yahoo! or Google for this assignment. All information found must come from databases found in the University Library’s Online Collection. Information found through Internet search engines will not be accepted for this assignment.
Information about most of these topics will be found in the major article databases (ProQuest, EBSCOhost, and InfoTrac OneFile). You may also wish to use the more specialized educational database known as ERIC. If you do use ERIC, please see the University of Phoenix Material “ERIC Usage Notes.” For best results in finding articles, you may wish to use the Boolean and wildcard search techniques discussed in the University of Phoenix Materials “Boolean Basics” and “Wildcard Basics.”
The Library Handbook, available in the User Guides section of the Library Web site, may also be useful in completing this assignment.
If you need assistance while completing this assignment, use the University Library’s “Ask a Librarian” feature.


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