Reasearch Paper

Reasearch Paper

Ellis and Banerjea’s (2007) article, what constitutes the selection of a “best” solution when considering software acquisition?

Features: Determine which features the company really needs.
Example: I work for Cox Cable and we use a software feature on are Blackberrys called Toa. Toa allows us to receive are jobs in a database format, in order to view customer requests.

Stability: A trial will allow the operator to test the software for any bugs that may delay day-to-day operations or affect other programs already installed on the equipment.
Example: Before Cox implemented the new software, it was used by 50 techs to weed-out any bugs.

Documentation: Without good documentation, software can be frustrating to learn and use.
Example: The 50 techs had to document what worked and what didn't. In theory the software was suppose to work a certain way, but software will always have flaws.

Scalability: Look for a software package that meets both current and anticipated future needs.
Example: The Toa software had a big memory issue causing it to run slow. So the programmers had to do there magic to make the software more efficient.

Upgrades: Because software is relatively easy to change, update and upgrade, it is really a work in progress as new versions are periodically released, it's important to find out about the manufacturer's upgrade policy when researching a package.
Example: We had to upgrade are Blackberrys in order for the software to work.

Client References: When possible, look for references in the same industry.
Example: I’m a Cox Contractor so we’ve been discussing software problems with other Contracting companies to this day.

Price: The value of the software will be found in how it helps the company, not necessarily its price.
Example: The Toa software has reduced paperwork and phone calls to dispatch.

Burns’ (2007) article, what challenges exist in creating an effective software selection process?

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