Reasoning and Leadership

Reasoning and Leadership

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Reasoning is the ability to make the right decision at the right time. It is the act of making a decision whilst demonstrating the values of values of honesty and integrity. Reasoning is an integral part of being a leader and that is why we are addressing it today.
Honesty and Integrity. To have reasoning you must have the values of honesty and integrity. Integrity means adhering to moral and ethical principles and having consistency in your decisions. Honesty refers to truthfulness and being sincere in your decisions.
In order to achieve honesty and integrity you need to go through 5 steps.
1. Take time to clearly state your purpose
2. Take time to state and understand the question at hand
3. Consider how you assumptions are shaping your point of view
4. Make sure you have gathered sufficient information
5. Consider all the consequences

It is your job to apply these 5 steps to decision we will now give you
You find $10 dollars on the ground and you ask to see if anyone is missing but there is no response. You can keep it for yourself, shout your group what we like to call a “paddle pop Tuesday” and everyone gets an ice cream or you hand it into the office
It is your best friend’s birthday, your group has organised a rad shared lunch. It is also a Monday lunchtime and you have house council meeting. What do you do?
Your Maths B assignment is due tomorrow and you have only just started. Touch training is this afternoon. You can either skip training and do your assignment, letting you team down or you go to training risking that you won’t finish your assignment.

So does anyone recognise this story.
This is our modern day representation of the Good Samaritan story. As you can see the first student displayed an example of bad reasoning, not wanting to help the girl out but to rather keep on walking and get to class. The second student stopped briefly but didn’t stay long due to fear of getting in trouble for being late....

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