Reative Freedom Versus Government Restrictions

Reative Freedom Versus Government Restrictions

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In this day and age, when we talk about several problems with student behaviour, most people think first of violence. Furthermore, violence is not the only serious behavioral problems in schools, such as lack of interest in learning, vandalism and stealing are perhaps the other major problems.

There are many factors related to serious problems in schools. They include such things as a complicated family life, perhaps because children are being brought up in a familial setting in which violence is accepted as a way to resolve problems, or those hard-working parents who do not dedicate enough time to care for their children, and the changing of family structure. It is because of some children spend limited time and lack of adequate emotional exchanges with their family members, so they lost themselves.

In addition to family factors, there are social factors that can lead to behaviour problems. There is excessive violence and pornography in mass media that is misleading, exaggerated and false. Teenagers are so immature and sequacious that they can hardly distinguish right from wrong and easily go astray.

In response to these questions, many solutions have been proposed and applied. Psychological counseling and education for students, parents and teachers can play a constructive role in helping students learn conflict resolution and anger management skills. But only long-term answer is the evolution of a culture in which the full range of human needs, and like the needs for love, a happy family life, tolerance and patience.

To sum up, to solve these problems, just only depend on the efforts of parents and schools are not enough, the society and government should contribute to the development of societal well-being.

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