Rebuttal Paper

Rebuttal Paper

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Should Colleges Pay Their Athletes?

A big debate in the world of sports, is whether or not college athletes should get paid for playing a sport. The NCAA rule has a rule that no college athlete is to get paid for anything that is sport related. Many athletes have been caught signing autographs or taking bribes from organizations for a commitment to their college. College athletes should be paid for playing their sport because they are unable to have a job since they play a sport, they still have to pay for school related items, and they are the reason their sport brings in so much money for their school.
The sport at the college brings in a large amount of revenue to the college via ticket sales, concessions, and team apparel sales. Without the college athletes that play the sport that bring in all the revenue for the school, the earnings would not be possible. Also, with all of the revenue that the sport brings in, where does that money go? It pays the coaches and field maintenance, but there is money left that would fairly pay the college athletes. Without the athletes, there would be no sport to bring in revenue.
College is expensive. Especially the better, more populated colleges. Division 1 colleges such as Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, etc., cost more due to their level of education and many more reasons. Many athletes do receive scholarships to play sports at a college, however a lot of times there is still school related items that are left up to the student/athlete to pay for. Without getting paid to play the sport or being able to have a job, the school related items can be difficult to pay for. The student/athlete often needs to pay for tuition, books, notebooks and all the rest of the necessary school supplies.

When an athlete plays a sport for college, they must dedicate 100% of their time to school and the sport. Because of this, the athletes are unable to have a job and make money. The athletes need money to pay for things, and...

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