Rebuttal to "The Life of a Doctor"

Rebuttal to "The Life of a Doctor"

As a physician, I can say there are many glaring deficiencies and inaccuracies in this paper. Firstly the grammar and syntax flows like . . . a backed up septic system. This person who wrote the paper titled "The Life of a Doctor" must be borderline mentally retarded, or is perhaps not a native English speaker.

Secondly, the content of the paper is grossly inaccurate. Doctors making good money right out of medical school??? Not by a long shot. This person is not familiar with the training required before a doctor makes what most would consider "good money". The training to become a doctor is longer than any other profession by a significant margin.

A doctor must graduate from undergraduate at the top of their class (4-5 years college) before going to medical school. If the applicant is not outstanding (3.8+ GPA and great MCAT scores) they usually will get a masters or PhD to improve their chances as a candidate for medical school (2-7 years). Medical school is 4 years long and the credit hours are in excess of 30hrs/semester, equating to approximately 8 years of normal undergraduate collage. A smaller percentage of people choose to get their PhD in medical school which extends the time to 8 years. After graduating from medical school, doctors work 80+ hours a week for around $10 an hour as interns and residents for 3-8 years (depending on specialty) after graduating medical school.

So lets add those years up. That’s up to 24 years of college and training, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition and missed income. There are many years of jumping through hoops for years weeding out many who are unfit to become physicians. So next time someone thinks that a doctor makes too much money, keep the above in mind. (BTW, an physician after residency will make much more than $2,000 per week, and deservedly so)

G. House, M.D.

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