Recalled to Life in a Tale of Two Cities Religiou

Recalled to Life in a Tale of Two Cities Religiou

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The theme of Resurrection is a strong and distinct theme found throughout the plot of Charles Dickens famous novel, A Tale of Two Cities. Charles Dickens uses a variety of intertwining themes of love, hate, redemption, and good versus evil in different characters in the story. "Recalled to life," or resurrection, is a theme that Dickens has used to bring all the other themes together. Dickens uses several literary devices to illustrate the main underlying theme of resurrection, but this essay will focus mainly on how certain aspects of the theme are highlighted by the characters of the novel.

To establish the resurrection theme we see it developed vividly through Dr. Manette being nursed back to health by Mr. Lorry and his daughter, Lucie. They eventually bring him back to a healthy state from his insane state. Dr. Manette had been imprisoned eighteen years driving him insane, but being freed from the Bastille, he is given a second chance. By moving from an isolated, insane life to a purposeful, sane one, Dr. Manette is recalled to life by his "resurrectors," Lucie and Jarvis Lorry.

A few years after Dr. Manette is recalled to life, he with Lucie and Jarvis Lorry are called to testify in court against Charles Darnay. It is ironic how Lucie and Lorry as the resurrectors of Dr. Manette become the ones who are providing evidence that could doom Darnay. The irony grows as Darnay, before being recalled to life, falls in love with Lucie as she offers proof against Darnays treason charge. At the trial Stryver and Sidney Carton are representing Darnay. When the striking similarities between Charles Darnay and Sidney Carton are pointed out, Darnay escapes the death sentence for treason, and therefore, is recalled to life.

The story supports the theme when different characters are recalled to life, meaning that they will receive another chance to live their life. One of the most striking instances by which that theme is developed is...

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