Recognition eng

Recognition eng

Recognition by David Medalie
Understanding 1. We don't know when it takes place, we even know when the story was written (1998) 2. The narrator is an older woman (two years younger than the president), she has ben married to a former Prime Minister. 3. Kobus was her husband, and the former Prime Minister. 4. The president wan't to make peace with the past. 5. Magdalena have also ben married to an political man, he also died years ago. But her husband and Kobus were not rivals. 6. The President wishes to make peace with the past , this is his way of showing that reconciliation can take place. 7. Not to forget the past, or change it but make peace with it and the other former wifes. 8. The black woman has ben married to a man who has ben Kobus rival. 9. They have ben rivals, they haven't fought for the same. 10. They can change the past by talking to each other. Make peace.

Analysis 1. She will never forget the past, or change it. Course it have been something big in her life. 2. It is many years ago she was married to Kobus and was involved in politics. And now she doesn't want to be a part of it, course the time has changed. 3. Everything has changed; they are not any longer rivals. They can talk to each other, and make peace. 4. Magdalena likes to become attention and would like to go to meet the President. 5. They where maybe killed. 6. No she believed her husband and helped him. 7. At first she was chocked, and didn't knew what to say. But after a while she realized how the time had changed and they could talk to each other.

8. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X.... 9. They will not forget or change the past, but they can change the future. 10. Course they shall respect each other. Not be rivals but make peace.

Labour Pains by Normavenda Mathiane (1990)
Understanding 1. We don't know where it takes place or when it takes place, maybe in 1990 when the story was written. 2. The pregnant woman, the narrator, the other woman's and men. Eight at all...

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