Recognizing the Problem

Recognizing the Problem

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Running head: GAP ANALYSIS: Global Communications

Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Gap Analysis: Global Communications
Global Communications has a problem. How does an organization recognize they have a problem? Usually, by the conflict or problems that arise from the originating decision. This is clearly the predicament that Global Communications has landed in. The solution is a step-by-step process where the issue and opportunity need to be identified. The parties that have a vested interest in the outcome need to be recognized. Global Communications needs to envision where they want to be as to prevent this from happening again and the desired outcome. Finally, an analysis of the gap between what occurred and where they foresee themselves in the future and the opportunity that this has afforded them to learn from. This process is detailed in the following paper.
Situation Analysis
Global Communications would like to move forward with a business plan that would involve outsourcing part of their existing work force to India and Ireland. They are currently in serious financial straits. Due to the competition being too strong, Global Communications is making the move to restructure their employee workforce, as well as provide expanded services for their clientele. The management team at Global Communications has discussed this move amongst themselves. They did not include the union in any of their discussions. Once Technologies Workers Union found out about the plan, they were not cooperative. Global Communications shared their plan with the union once the decision was made to move forward. However, Global Communications hadn’t planned on the resistance from the Technologies Workers Union that they received. In all of their negotiations and planning, they failed to consider the union’s perspective and viewpoints on how best to handle this type of transition. The union is now refusing to negotiate quietly with Global...

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