To Whom it May Concern:

Michelle Celami is a candidate for admission into the Nursing program at Keiser University. I was Michelle's mentor and advisor while she attended Palm Beach State College, hence uniquely positioned to write a recommendation about her qualifications for admission into the program.

As a youngster, Michelle had survived conditions that would be unbearable even for most adults. Growing up Port-au-Prince, she learned quickly how to be a survivor as a result of constant political turmoil and extreme violence. She was lucky enough to escape the mean streets of Haiti and migrated to the United States. This is where she was faced with intense pressure to adapt to her new environment and learn a new language. Her admittance in the Trio Program at Palm Beach State College will tell you that she has come through with flying colors.

As a Work-Study student, she demonstrated the highest level of integrity as well as professionalism. Michelle always performs her duties with pride and enthusiasm. She also exhibited commendable people skills. Despite a rigorous academic schedule, financial hurdles, she found the time to volunteer at the Haitian Center for Family Services where she counseled patients inflicted with terminal illnesses. Additionally, she performs volunteer work for her church.

During our conversation about her desire to enter the Nursing profession, she has evinced a strong commitment to help those in need and to make a difference in her community.

I believe that Michelle will do great things in the Nursing field and I recommend her with pride for admittance into the program.

Please feel free to discuss her qualifications with me, if you desire so.

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