Recruitment of Applicants for New Office

March 7, 2016

Numerous steps are involved in recruiting the best candidates for positions that are available. This paper will look at legal statutes pertaining to selection and hiring of candidates. How number and types of positions that will need to be filled, including qualifications, education requirements, and experience will be necessary for the new office to function. Then there will be discussion of the interviewing, ability tests to help find the best candidate as well as strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, this will touch on the advantages of using integrity testing as well as drug and alcohol testing.

The company is thinking of growing into adjoining states. As the Chief Human Resource Officer, one of the primary roles is personnel strategist, as well as employing new personnel. The new office will need upwards of twenty-four individuals; some of the positions will be occupied internally through relocation. Hiring will be for operations and marketing divisions separately from financing and human resources. The internal postings will be to fill senior level positions; the entry-level positions as well as the other positions is to be occupied externally. Therefore, there will be twenty-four positions open between the office at the new location and current office. These positions will consist operations director, operations manager, safety manager, scheduling clerks, logistic brokers, dispatchers, safety clerks, and so on and so forth (Hofstrand & Anders, 2009). There will be clear expectations outlined for personnel, which will go into depth pertaining to course of action for development and appropriate explanations regarding insubordination in every stage.
Legal Statues
Several legal statues protect candidates during the hiring and selection stage. To protect the company from legal pitfalls, when interviewing potential candidates there must be refrain from...

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